About Us

Weng Fine Art AG is one of the leading German art dealing companies. Since 1994, the team under Rüdiger K. Weng has sold more than 16.000 paintings, sculptures, works on paper as well as prints from over 800 well known international artists of the 20th century.

In the process we dispense with expensive gallery spaces, and in the core business we supply exclusively to commercial customers in Europe and the United States. The most important channels of distribution are the international trade as well as auction houses, including the world market leaders Sotheby's and Christie's. Purchases and sales are based on proprietary valuation models that combine the art historical aspects with financial and scientific know-how and allow an untransfigured view of the commodity of art.

The focus therefore are marketable artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Richter and Hirst – but not works with six or seven figure values, but rather objects from the mid price segment, allowing a rapid turnover. Our business – which has traded since 2004 as a public limited company and has posted a profit each financial year – is financed by eight banks and building societies. For additional purchasing power cater the equity ratio lying beyond the 50-percent margin, as well as access to the capital market, means: Weng Fine Art AG is currently the only art dealer in continental Europe listed on the stock exchange.

In addition to the B2B segment, we will also serve the retail market from 2015 onwards: Across various platforms both at home and abroad the newly founded subsidiary, WFA Online AG, distributes prints and multiples of the most important contemporary artists.

The successful launch of the WFA Online AG delivered, as it were, the blueprint for the medium-term strategy of Weng Fine Art AG: The existing divisions consistently scale and implement new business models which, in parallel, not only extend the added value chain, but also leverage our core competences: To procure art objects and optimally utilise them.