Sale of Jeff Koons' editions on token platform Timeless Investments another outstanding success

20 Jan. 2022 / Pressemitteilungen

ArtXX AG, the e-commerce subsidiary of Weng Fine Art AG, was hugely successful today in placing a set of two Jeff Koons editions ("Balloon Dog (Blue)" and "Diamond (Red)") on the platform Timeless Investments, fractionalized into 950 tokens. The shares, their total value equaling 47,500 EUR, were sold out within minutes.  

After the set "Balloon Animals I" by Jeff Koons and the "Bomb Hugger" by Banksy, the third edition from Weng Contemporary (a brand of ArtXX AG) has now been sold via the Berlin-based token platform. The shares of the first two editions have already achieved value increases of 40 - 80% on the secondary market.  

Weng Fine Art and ArtXX plan to continue their successful collaboration with Timeless Investments. In the coming weeks and months, unique artworks, as well as other editions by renowned contemporary artists, will be offered to private investors and collectors via the platform.